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Procedure ( Pre-Construction anti-termite Treatment Service by quality pro pest control Pvt. Ltd.) Pre-construction Activities Remove all wooden pieces, concrete debris, plastic strips, tree stump roots, deleterious materials etc. · The soil shall be leveled and compacted if in case bottom of the blinding before treatment starts. · All construction related tests shall be approved by the Engineer prior to treatment. Construction Activities After the advice of the Engineer to proceed, the application shall immediately begin by first preparing and mixing the solutions of Approved Anti-termite material diluted with water at a rate of 1:19 Liter water as per manufacture/ recommendation. A solution of approved Anti-termite material diluted with water at a rate of 1:19 Liter shall be sprayed prior to casting of blinding of footing or any foundation type with the application rate of 4 to 5 liter per square meter. The treated area shall then be covered with polythene sheet, it can be opened free until 2 hours, and then casting can be started. Casting must be completed by 2 to 24 hours after the Anti-termite application. Trench around the Foundation Wall Sack fills the sides up to the top level of the proposed foundation (considering that the right of the foundation will exceed more than 11 meter). Make a trench with 350mm width by 150mm depth along the perimeter of the foundation. A solution of Approved Anti-termite material diluted with water at a rate of 1:19 Liter shall be sprayed with an application rate of 5 -6 Liter per linear meter in the trench along the perimeter of the foundation. The trench shall be back filled within 24 hours of treatment. Prior to Construction Where termites are detected on site, they should be eradicated by a licensed pest controller. Site preparation and earthworks should, where possible, eradicate termite nests or colonies. Construction close to/on boundaries For buildings that are constructed close to or on allotment boundaries, due to restricted access, it may not be possible to maintain or properly inspect physical or chemical termite management systems. For this type of construction, the most appropriate and efficient termite management option is the use of termite resistant materials, including termite treated softwood framing and EWP’s for floor, wall and roof framing. During Construction For termite resistant timbers apply standard timber building practice in accordance with AS1684. For termite management systems install physical or chemical management systems in accordance with the NCC-BCA and AS 3660.1. Refer Figures 3, 4 and 5. Notes: (i) Chemical management systems must be installed by licensed pest control operators. (ii) Physical management systems and reticulated chemical systems must be installed by licensed installers. (iii) As well as under slab treatment, AS 3660.1 also requires perimeter protection of the building which must be capped in Bangladesh. Ensure physical management systems are not damaged by various trades people. Remove all form work, form boards, profiles, pegs, etc. near or under foundations or slabs. Vegetation and timber products should not be included in any backfill. Use termite resistant timber for timber in contact with the ground, i.e. Durability Class 1 timber or timber treated to “H5” level. Once formed, the system should not be bridged or breached by construction, e.g. carports, paving, trellises, annexes, installation of underground telephone cables, landscaping or gardening. Where such projects are intended, or have occurred, action must be taken to maintain or to restore the integrity of the barrier system. Ensure weep holes or joints in brickwork are not covered by soil or other landscaping materials.

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Main Factors of Other Than Wood That Attract Termites Termites location unit idea to completely be interested in timber but that’s not the case. There region unit several things for your homes which can entice them. Knowing anywhere to searching for out them and the way to stop them from coming back into your home is crucial. Moisture Contrary to popular belief, termites are not only drawn to dry wood. They actually can’t digest cellulose, or plant-based material, without moisture. In fact, moisture is so important to termites that they would dry up and die without it. With that said it’s important to check for areas in and around your home that have excessive moisture and take care of drying it out if you can. Darkness Lots of bugs favor to lurk within the darkness and additionally the insect is one of them. They will conceal from predators there and darkish vicinity unit as are once in a while moister than brilliant spots. Winged termites region unit, however, drawn to light-weight therefore you must be geared up to realize them quite a few sincerely

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Our Total Termite Protection Plan is the most innovative and complete termite protection plan offered in the Bangladesh at competitive price that are durable efficient and environmentally-friendly. We combine a variety of control techniques into a single, comprehensive and effective treatment program. It safeguards your home from termites by focusing on both the soil and the structure. Combining above and below- ground treatments provide you with the most complete and thorough protection. Treatment areas include attics, eaves, walls, windows, doors, plumbing pipes, foundations, and slabs. We diagnose your individual needs and provide a customized solution. While most termite control companies only provide your home with protection against one type of termite, our Total Termite Protection Plan is effective against any and all termites. You can feel secure in knowing you are buying the best protection available. We put our money where our mouse is. Qualified homes can take advantage of our $1 million guarantee.

Termite Baiting System is a designed to protect structures from termites through monitoring and baiting with when termites are found to be active. Target sites for station placement include buildings, fences, utility poles, decking, landscape plantings and trees or other features which could be damaged by termite feeding and foraging activity. Using the Termite Baiting System consists of three steps: Monitoring for termite activity When termite activity is detected replacing the wood monitors with Shatter Termite Bait. Resuming monitoring with wood monitors when termite activity has stopped.